"Wanda Playter shares heartfelt advice given to her children and readers while she makes reading through the New Testament in a year simple. Journaling is a great way to capture thoughts while on the journey to a closer relationship with Jesus to look back on later and see how far you’ve gotten. I love that she challenges her readers to change, to step out of their comfort zone and keeps the focus on pleasing God. How comforting it is to hear how loved and blessed you are. Thank you Wanda for stepping out in faith to share your wisdom. “Walking in the Word” is an excellent gift not only for your children or young adults, get one for yourself."
Lori Rehnelt, Professional Success Coach

"This unique devotional is a perfect way to stay close to God's Word on a daily basis, while reflecting on the application of the day's teaching to what I'm experiencing in my own life. The straight forward daily writings speak the simple truths of the Bible and allow a practical approach to walking daily with God."

"I highly recommend this book for anyone from pre-teens to adults. My kids are already working their way through their own copies, which has inspired some meaningful topics for conversation. We love it!"

"This is a fabulous walk through the new testament. I love that you can start this at any point in the year, something you don't have to wait for!"

"Being able to journal along with what my personal experiences are at the time of reflection each day helps make the devotion much stronger."

"Great book and I have bought extra for gifts for friends."

"Great book for today's youth."

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Walking in the Word